Our Building Process

When building your home with Fine Lines Construction you can rest assured we have the entire building process covered. Our goal is to make your building experience seemless and enjoyable while providing you with the home you envisioned, built to the highest quality.

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We recommend you get in touch with Andy via the online email form on our website, or by phone as early as possible to discuss your aspirations.

Obligation Free Meeting

Next, a one hour catch up at your place. There are a range of important factors that Andy will help you consider such as building consents, site access, geographical aspect, budget and timeframes. Your successful build starts here with careful planning from the outset based on what you're aiming to achieve.

Planning and Design

I already have plans

Great, Fine Lines Construction can flexibly work with these to get your Project Estimate underway.

I don't have plans yet

No problem. To facilitate the planning process for yourself and your designer, we recommend collating mood boards on the free of charge inspirational and resourceful websites such as Houzz, Archipro or Pinterest to help accurately determine and communicate your desired sense of style.

You also need to prioritise which components are considered your non- negotiable 'must haves', as well as the quality standard of fixtures and fittings that will suit your needs and your budget best.

The Design Process

The design process starts with a preliminary meeting to discuss your design brief with your chosen designer. Andy can join you for this meeting and can work with you from the outset to plan for a home that you want and can afford.

If you don't already have a designer we can help. Fine Lines Construction has ongoing relationships with a select number of recommended and trusted architects.

At Concept Plans stage, a Feasibility Estimate can be arranged to determine if the design will fit within your budget. This is an important and worthwhile process given the investment you are considering. Any required design adjustments can be made, before proceeding with council application plans and specifications. We recommend the designer applies for any necessary council consents on your behalf as they are familiar with this process.


With your plans and specifications finalised and council ready, there are two options for how Fine Lines Construction can quote your job - Estimate, or Fixed Price. Andy will discuss with you which may be the best fit based on the scope and complexity of your project.


In most cases, you will get the best value from this option which consists of the Labour and Material Costs, with a fair margin to cover our business running costs.

Our estimate can be peer checked by our quantity surveyor prior to hand over with you for appraisal.

Our invoices are fully transparent, and you’ll be regularly provided copies of supplies and sub contractor invoices to track spend to ensure the arrangement is fair for all

Fixed Price Contract

If you feel more comfortable with a Fixed Price Contract, depending on the scale of the project the best process may be to engage our quantity surveyor to produce a Schedule Of Quantities for labour and materials. There is a cost for this service but it will pay for itself.

We then use the SOQ to price the job at our cost for our rates to create a fixed price quote. You would own the SOQ and other builders could use it to price their proposals. All the quotes would be for the same amount of labour and materials, saving surprise cost blow outs during construction.

During construction the SOQ can be used to order the materials accurately, paying for itself in the time saved by the builder. If we arrange a SOQ for you and go on to win the job, we will deduct the cost of it from the fixed price contract.


At times, Contract Variations may be required after the contract has been signed as a result of voluntary changes by the client or unforeseen additional required material and labour cost due to unidentifiable circumstances (for example, rotten framing uncovered during a renovation).

All Variations are discussed and prepared with details of additional work and costs. They are agreed upon before additional costs are added.


We will provide you with a tailored contract from Certified Builders along with the comprehensive Halo 10 Year Residential Guarantee - a unique, independent building insurance cover that's only available to clients who build or renovate with an NZCB approved builder. Critical for protecting your investment.

Your contract will detail build time and a payment schedule. Legal review is a good option to consider at this time. Upon contract signing and building deposit paid, you will receive a copy of the Halo 10 year guarantee and Building Schedule. This is when it gets exciting!


When we are engaged to manage your entire project, you are assured a smooth process - from efficiently co-ordinating trades, ordering materials to be delivered on time, booking and attending council inspections and compiling all relevant paperwork to achieve Code of Compliance with minimal stress for you.

Fine Lines Construction are a member of HazardCo and we practice workable, effective Health & Safety procedures resulting in a safer working environment for all.

Regular meetings on phone and on-site, photos and email updates throughout will keep you informed.

Throughout your project, we use Quality Assurance Checklists to ensure all aspects are completed to a high standard for you.


We attend Final Council Inspection with you to assist you with all aspects required and answer queries raised.

When Fine Lines Construction completes a new build or unoccupied renovation for you, we provide a free professional house clean on the areas completed, ready for you to enjoy. T's & C's apply.

All relevant product warranties and subcontractor statements will be handed over to you to achieve Code of Compliance. We will also provide a maintenance schedule and a contact list of all subcontractors involved in your project.

Fine Lines Construction can assist with CCC application and submission after final inspection. This process will be discussed in the planning stages of your project.

You dream it, we build it

Whether you are renovating an existing home or building your dream home, we have the experience and expertise to make it happen.